choreographer, performer and visual artist, in 1997 studies dance in florence with antonietta daviso, works with sylvano bussotti, derek jerman e giorgio battistelli; in 1989 moves to new york to follow the professional training program at the merce cunningham studio, he gets involved in contact improvisation, performance and visual arts; in 1994 he’s back in florence workig with roberto castello and virgilio sieni. In 1995 he founds with other artists the collective kinkaleri, whose productions have therefore always been characterized by transversal signs and progressively undermining the use of representation in the contemporary field;  beside the company’s work, he’s developing his own personal research on visual art, installation and performance, in 2013 founded mazoopub, an indpendent publishing with which he develops and prints a series of fanzines.
live and work in florence.